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Please complete this form if you would like to receive your property tax bills via email. Information from your most recent property tax bill is required to complete this form.

Privacy Statement

Personal information is collected under the authority of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 1990 for the purpose of creating a record to be used for electronic mailing of tax bills and for electronic or telephone contact by the municipality. Questions about the collection of personal information may be addressed to Brian P. MacKinnon, Municipal Clerk, Municipality of Sioux Lookout, 25 Fifth Avenue., PO Box 158, Sioux Lookout, ON P8T 1A4 (807) 737-2700 ext.2243


Phone: (807) 737-2700
Email: [email protected] 


I agree that by hitting "submit" and submitting this form I authorize the Municipality of Sioux Lookout to email my tax bills to the email address provided above. I understand that I will no longer receive my bills by regular mail and that failure to receive a bill does not excuse me from the responsibility of payment of taxes, nor relieve me from the the liability for late payments. I accept reponsibility for, and acknowledge that I will, contact the Municipality of Sioux Lookout with any future change(s) in my email address.

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